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Free Maya game ready rig:


You can download this rig for free on João Sousa Gumroad page.
João was responsible for sculpting the high resolution character, retopo and hand painting the textures. 
I had the pleasure to rig this character (game ready) and we have seen amazing work from the community using this rig! It has also been picked to incorporate
Agora Community Asset Library! Grab yours and have fun.

Remember, use it only for personal projects, not comercial ones. 

Free rigging course in Cinema 4D (autoRig - Advanced Biped) - Audio In Portuguese


TugaNetwork is a community of artists from Portugal. Its purpose is to share knowledge and oportunities, and so, I've decided to contribute with a series of videos, in portuguese (audio), showing how to use the 'Advanced Biped' rig by Bret Bays available in Cinema4D. I find it to be a very solid basic structure that you can use for any biped character. 
I hope these series will help you!

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