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 nov 2023 | Remote

• Invited by the Head of Animation of UALG to give an online masterclass about my rigging and animation work experience. Showcase example was the tools and process for the project 'The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum'.

set 2023 - nov 2023 | Remote

• Built custom rigs for Jumper, Socks, Crocs Shoes, McDonald's boxes, Poppers, Christmas bauble, Gloves and Money bag.

• Responsible for all animation aspects on the second shot.

jul 2023 - set 2023 | Remote

• Responsible for the facial rig of all plush sea characters and maintenance/update rigs to meet all the animation requirements.

• Strong collaboration with the lookDev team to achieve best visual results without compromising animation workflow.

• Rigging of a banana rubber boat and setup of 5 characters riding in it. Responsible for shot prep for animation.

jan 2023 - mar 2023 | Remote

• Responsible for rigging the bigger and smaller tentacles of the Kraken. Worked closely with directors and the animation team to provide the best technical solutions for the different shot demands. Ribbon setup with a hybrid IK/FK system, while the tip could be either IK or FK, to enhance character's expressiveness, was the preferred option.

• Responsible for managing the character animation team and pipeline.

jun 2023 - jul 2023 | Remote

• Responsible for creating custom rigs for an ivy branch, fern plant, harp, glass doors, yarn snip and lemon.

• Collaborated closely with directors and animators to offer the best solutions for an efficient and smooth workflow.



CGSociety Workshop - Online

Rigging Techniques with Nico Sanghrajka

2009 - 2012

ESDIP - Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional - Madrid, Spain

Course - Complete Animation Film


  • 1. Proficiency in Maya and Cinema 4D;

  • 2. Building custom rigs and animation

  • 3. Experienced using advanceSkeleton (Maya), Character and ToonRig (C4D);

  • 4. Dedicated and highly driven;

  • 5. Time management skills;

  • 6. Collaborative and Trustworthy

  • 7. Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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