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Recent Projects

Westfield Digital Dream

This year I got the opportunity to assist Olga Studio by delivering rigging and animation, alongside the amazing team, modeller Marta Macedo and animators Sofia Santos and Henrique Melo, to this challeging but magical and fun project for Westfield Les 4 Temps, the biggest comercial space in Paris!


McDonald's festive Wins

Worked with Jelly London and director Design Lad to create this campaign for McDonald's Festive Wins 2023.
Enjoyed thinking about rigging solutions for some of the elements!



In 2023 I had the pleasure of collaborating with Eleven, an ArchViz Studio based in London who wanted to blend traditional architectural visualization, interior design, art, and storytelling on their R&D project. We worked together on the animation of the close up shots where either the Ivybranch or Fern plants would interact with elements in the house. Loved the initiative and energy put on the project.


Penny Tiefsee 2023

I have been fortunate to have worked with the amazing team at Aixsponza on a few campaigns for Penny Germany for the past couple years. On this last one, it was challenging dealing with the facial features on these characters, but with teamwork and clear communication between rigging, animation and lookdev we were able to get it right! I really enjoy the final render output as well.


Kraken Golden Spice Rum

PUSH VFX and I go way back! This time we partnered to give live to a Kraken who is protecting its most precious rum from being stolen by the pirates! I was responsible by producing the rigs, supervise the animation process and finally deliver the alembic files. It was a great experience, working closely with the director Rich Lee.

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