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In the Lab you will find a mix of personal work, tutorials and others.

TugaNetwork - Rigging Tutorial in Portuguese

You can acess a playlist on youtube to learn how to apply the Character rigging tool in Cinema 4D to your own character. I explain my way of working and the many steps required to create a solid structured rig ready for production. The character used was the mascot of TugaNetwork, a free platform for Portuguese artists and technicians and non-Portuguese working in the portuguese market, to networking and share knowledge. 


TMNT Raphael - Maya Rig

You can download this rig for free on 

João Sousa Gumroad page.
João was responsible for sculpting the high resolution character, retopo and hand painting the textures. 
I had thegreat oportunity of rigging this character (game ready) and after making it free to download, we have been seeing amazing work from the community using it!

If you click the image you can see one of the amazing results by the 3D french Animator Florent THOLLON 

It has also been picked to incorporate
Agora Community Asset Library! 

Grab yours and have fun.

*Remember, use it only for personal projects, not comercial ones. *


@tidadico | Tiktok account

For some time now I always thought about producing little short animations to share on social media. I never knew what I wanted to share and I didn't want to share just for the sake of it. Recently I have had some time and I thought about this ideia of a cube fitting, or not, into furniture and I've been having so much fun, ahah. I've found myself smiling and laughing while animating, ahah, and that really

feels great. It also works great for some lighting and rendering practise. 

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